L & A Cleaning Services

Our Services

We make sure to be extremely careful while working in your home or office at all times. However, it’s important to recognize that accidents do happen. During your initial interview, you’ll be asked to point out any items of significance. Our wide variety of cleaning packages include:

  • Basic Maintenance House Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning/Deluxe Cleaning
  • Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, One-Time, & Occasional Cleaning
  • Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning & Airbnb Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning

Two of our mostly trended packages are:

Basic Maintenance Cleaning Package


  • Countertops
  • Outside of Kitchen Appliances
  • Stovetops and Vents
  • Sink and Chrome Fixtures
  • Glass Doors
  • Floors (Swept and Wet-Mopped)
  • Cabinets (Wiped)
  • Microwaves (Inside and Outside)


  • Countertops
  • Hand Sink and Chrome Fixtures and Mirrors
  • Towels (Rehanged Neatly)
  • Commode Bowls (Tops, Sides, and Bases)
  • Tub, Jacuzzi, and Tile Surrounding
  • Floors (Swept and Wet-Mopped)
Countertop Cleaning

Throughout Entire Home

  • Wood Furniture (Polished)
  • Clean Glass Top Tables, Dust Television, and Clean Computer Screens
  • Ceiling Fans, Walls Hanging Picture Frames, Lamps, and Shades (Feather Dusted)
  • Trash Containers (Emptied)
  • Hardwood Floors and Tiles (Vacuumed and Wet/Dry-Mopped)
  • Rugs and Area Rugs (Vacuumed)
  • Windowsills and Blinds (Dusted)
  • Sofa Cushions
  • Stairs
  • Cobwebs
  • Baseboard dusted

Deep Cleaning/Deluxe Cleaning Package

Includes All Basic Maintenance Cleaning Services, Plus:

  • Ceiling Fan Blades (Washed)
  • Light Fixtures (Washed in Place Except Chandeliers)
  • Cobwebs (Removed)
  • Blinds (Dusted)
  • Curtain Tops (Vacuumed)
  • Doors and Frames (Washed With Microfiber Towel)
  • Picture Frames (Dusted)
  • Cabinets (Washed With Microfiber Towels and Polished if Needed)
  • Light Switch Plates (Washed With Microfiber Towels)
  • Lower Air Return Vents (Vacuumed)
  • Windowsills (Washed With Microfiber Towel)
  • Baseboards (Washed With Microfiber Towels)
  • Carpet Edges and Crevices (Vacuumed)
  • Heavy Dust Build-Up (Special Attention Provided)
  • Build-Up in Kitchen (Special Attention Provided)
  • Build-Up in Bathrooms (Special Attention Provided)